Equipment part numbers

Aviation safety & training equipment supplies

This page lists all the distinct equipment and aircraft OEM part numbers from our database. It is automatically generated to assist internet search engines but can also provide a quick reference to visitors.

OEM Part Description Condition
00002160Passenger Life Vest 102Mk2 BANE
00002214Life preserver 102Mk3 with valiseNE
00002260Infant Life Jacket Type 105 Mk 1AR
00002264Crew life preserver 102MK4FN
00002291RFD Passenger Life Jacket 102 Mk3AR
00140-00Bracket for 74-20 fire extinguisherNE
04N64250Bracket For ELT ADT 406 With StrapNE
05N60160Emergency Locator Transmitter ELT ADT 406 S Non Active Training ModelNE
07-10900AED Standard Training PadsNE
07N62351ELT mounting bracket for BoeingNE
08864001crew life preserver 102MK 2BAAR
100-9750Aircraft BCF Halon Fire ExtinguisherAR
101-10001Extri Kelly Extrication Training ManikinNE
1010099-6Aircraft galley water boilerAR
10100DFull face oxygen demand mask assemblyAR
1027-1-011-2396Safety Belt Extension BlackNE
1027-2-011-2396Passenger Extension Belt - BlackAR
1027-2-011-8113Passenger Loop Belt Assembly (bronze)AR
1027-2-031-8023Loop extension assembly - redNE
1028-1-021-8005Passenger extension belt assembly - redAR
1028-2-121-8050Passenger Loop Belt Assembly - SilverAR
102MK4RFD crew life jacket 102MK4AR
114006-09Non functional demonstration maskNE
1152394-2ELT beacon stowage bracket assemblyAR
1152684-2Rescu 406AF Remote PanelAR
1152794-1ELT Rescu 406 Training ModelAR
119003-11BE Aerospace Puritan Bennett style training PBE smoke hoodNE
119063-01PBE stowage box assemblyNE
120-01050Resuci Anne Little Anne with SoftpackNE
123-01050Little Anne QCPR ManikinNE
123-30050SkillGuide with extension cable for QCPR manikinsNE
1291200Fire Blanket in quick release PVC containerNE
12N67880Elite Emergency Locator Transmitter Non Active Training ModelNE
130-01050Baby Anne CPR ManikinNE
136-01050Little family pack of QCPR training ManikinsFN
1370-99-938-1855Dummy rocket hand fired distress flareNE
1411220-141CFlight deck 4th occupant seat - AirbusAR
15-0123-A-3Replacement head for water fill training BCFNE
15-40Air Liquide PBE - Crew Smoke HoodAR
15-40-F11Air Liquide PBE - Crew Smoke HoodAR
15-40F-11Air Liquide Protective Breathing Equipment PBENE
15-40F-80Air Liquide Smoke Hood PBEFN
15-40T-80-NRAir Liquide Training PBE For 15-40F-80 ModelNE
150-01050Baby Anne CPR ManikinNE
152400Resusci Manikin Wipes pack of 50 NE
160-01250Resusci Baby First Aid Full Body SuitcaseNE
161-10550Disposable Airway for Rescusci Baby - pack of 5NE
1671220-00Flight deck 4th occupant seat - AirbusAR
170-01250Resusci Anne First Aid Full body in trolley caseNE
170-30050SkillGuide for QCPR manikinsNE
171-00160Resusci Anne QCPR Manikin Torso in Carry BagNE
171-01260Rescusci Anne QCPR full body CPR manikin rechargeableNE
173-15010Resusci Anne QCPR AED Upgrade Bundle 2018NE
174080-56Airbus Passenger Oxygen MaskAR
174095-96Airbus Passenger Oxygen MaskAR
174097Passenger Oxygen Mask - Bayonet FitAR
174960-44Portable Oxygen Bottle AssemblyAR
176961-13Portable Oxygen Bottle AssemblyAR
18002050Little Junior CPR ManikinNE
184V5PAX Economy Triple SeatAR
198-00150AED Trainer 3NE
2-50438-2Aircraft Cabin Safety Demo Equipment PouchNE
2-50627Therapeutic and portable oxygen maskAR
200-00350Full body carry case for extrication manikinNE
2000-105YISC20 Infant Life CotAR
2000-105YCAASPInfant Life Preserver ISC-20 Life CotAR
200083010010Standard Fog Fluid - 1 LitreNE
200083010040Standard Fog Fluid - 4 litreNE
200083010050Standard Fog Fluid (5 litre)NE
200209000240Rosco Mini V Fog Machine for SEP and CEET Fire TrainingNE
200219000230Rosco 1900 Fog Machine for SEP And CEET Fire TrainingNE
2007-2-011-8074Passenger extension belt YCNE
2007-5-011-8011Passenger Loop Extension Belt Assembly - BlueAR
2007-5-011-8028Passenger Loop Belt Assembly - greyAR
2010-2-011-1169Extension Seat Belt Assembly (Red)AR
2010-2-011-2251Extension Assembly - BlackNE
2010-2-011-2256Passenger extension belt (blue)AR
2010-2-011-2847Seat Belt Extension Assembly - SilverNE
2010-2-011-3244Passenger extension belt (blue)AR
2010-2-041-2847Passenger extension belt - silverAR
2010-5-011-1169Passenger loop extension belt assembly (red)AR
2010-5-011-1312Passenger Extension Belt - PurpleAR
2010-5-011-1849Passenger loop belt assembly (orange)AR
2010-5-011-3324Passenger loop belt assembly (blue)AR
2010-6-011-2251Demo Passenger Extension Assembly - BlackNE
2011-2-011-1023Passenger extension belt BCNE
2011-2-011-2257Passenger Extension AssemblyNE
2011-2-011-2263Passenger Extension Belt (Silver)AR
2087-2-011-8044Passenger extension belt assemblyNE
2091-5-011-2269Passenger loop belt assemblyAR
210225-2C10F life preserverNE
216200-0Infant Small Child Life JacketAR
216203-0Infant life jacketNE
2226-5-011-8005Passenger loop belt assemblyAR
23711700H0021700 1900 smoke machine remote controllerNE
24E507009G01Aircraft Toilet Water Heater AssemblyAR
275-00001Burns Tenderness Lacerations Swelling BTLS Victim Injury SetNE
276-10001Crash Kelly Trauma ModuleNE
28301-12Disposable Oxygen Face MaskAR
28314-12Crew Oxygen Mask - Bayonet FitAR
2851Resuscitation training manikin face shields with filter NE
285NO412-3Boeing 757 Cabin Interphone HandsetAR
285T0852-1Boeing Flight Deck Door Access KeypadAR
285W0024-1GBoeing 777 Cabin Interphone HandsetAR
2870AED DefibrillatorNE
2877AED preparation kit
289-1001Safety Demo Mask AssemblyNE
289-1002Safety Demo Passenger Oxygen MaskAR
289-601-211Mask Assembly Passenger Oxygen (Plug fit)AR
289-601-213Passenger Oxygen Mask AssemblyNE
289-601-248Passenger Mask Assembly - Bayonet FitAR
289-601-6Mask Assembly Passenger OxygenNE
289-701-223Mask Assembly Passenger Oxygen (Plug fit)AR
289-801-240Passenger Oxygen MaskAR
320213BCF extinguisher replacement pull pinNE
3552AAADAACXCDAVOX Portable Oxygen Cylinder 3552 SeriesAR
3552CAAAAACXCDSmall AVOX Portable Oxygen Cylinder 3552 SeriesAR
3553AAAYAACXBDAVOX Portable Oxygen Cylinder 3553 SeriesAR
3559AAWPortable Oxygen Cylinder AssemblyAR
3862163-9Megaphone stowage bracketAR
400555-14On board wheelchair (14 inch model)NE
400555-15On board wheelchair (15 inch model)NE
411-0001-141Aircraft galley hot water boilerAR
413A3651-3BAircraft cabin galley curtain and trackAR
416A1401-22Cabin megaphone bracket assemblyAR
416N1031-1Emergency Megaphone Stowage BracketAR
416U1306-21PBE bracket assemblyAR
417N311050ASSYBoeing 757 Cabin PSU Passenger Service UnitAR
417N3130Boeing B737 Classic Passenger Service Unit PSUAR
42D8331Aircraft Crash AxeAR
444160Smoke Goggles BagAR
4471015-000Safety Demonstration MaskNE
4491024-000Pulse style portable oxygen assembly - active training modelNE
44971-1Passenger Extension Belt (Black)AR
453-5060C406-N ELT Emergency Location TransmitterNE
455-6615ME406 ACE ELT Emergency Location TransmitterNE
46000003CPR Barrier Face Mask - Pack of 50NE
476288Halotron BRx Portable Fire ExtinguisherNE
500-12YPortable ELT Emergency Location Transmitter non active training modelNE
500-32-2Portable Locator Beacon PLB non active training modelNE
500903-437-2259Safety Demonstration Belt AssemblyAR
501848-401-1849Passenger Extension Belt - OrangeAR
501848-417-1849Passenger Loop Belt Extension AssemblyNE
501848-417-7391Passenger Loop Extension Belt - GoldAR
502748-401-2269Passenger extension belt assembly- redAR
502755-128-2258Passenger Seat Safety Lap BeltAR
502761-401-6331Passenger Loop Belt Assembly - AquaAR
502761-401-8016Passenger Loop Belt Assembly - GreyAR
502761-411-2428Passenger Extension Belt - BlueAR
502761-413-2269Passenger loop belt assembly - redAR
502761-415-1849Loop extension assemblyNE
502761-429-1849Passenger Loop Belt Assembly - OrangeAR
502761-429-2855Passenger loop belt assemblyAR
503585-461-8005Passenger Loop Extension Belt - RedAR
503703-403-3038Passenger Extension Belt SilverAR
503704-401-3038Infant Safety Belt SilverAR
504453-417-2847Passenger Extension Belt - GreyAR
505256-401Life LineAR
5464-002Reusable Training PAX Life Vest Pouch Air CruisersNE
5500-A1A-BF23B5500 Series Small POCA 120ltrAR
5500-B1A-BF23AAVOX 5500 Series Oxygen Bottle 7.15 cu ftAR
5500-C6A-BF20AAVOX Portable Oxygen Bottle 5500 seriesAR
5500A1ABF23ASmall Portable Oxygen BottleAR
5500C1ABF23ALarge Portable Oxygen BottleAR
60128-101Airbus A320 Raft Survival KitAR
60128-103A320 A321 slide survival kitAR
60128-105Slide raft survival kitAR
60128-107Airbus A320 A321 Raft Survival KitAR
60128-301Slide Raft Survival KitAR
61423-8443Water fire extinguisher lower bracketAR
63600-101Double Chamber Passenger Life VestAR
63600-105Double Chamber Passenger Life VestAR
63600-191AC-2000 life preserverNE
63600-501Double cell crew life preserverAR
63600-505Double Chamber Crew Life PreserverAR
63914-101AC2000 demo life vestNE
63914-103AC2000 demo life vest with whistleNE
6423-104Bag for Training PBE Smoke Hood (Black)NE
6423-300Training PBE Smoke Hood Box (Drager)NE
6423-302Training Pouch for Drager Training PBE Smoke HoodNE
6444-104Reusable training pouch for Scott style training PBENE
65B53931-17Double strap emergency megaphone bracketAR
65B53931-8Aircraft Cabin Megaphone BracketNE
65C33401-21CPBE BracketAR
66532-101AC-1 AC-1000 Demo Life PreserverNE
66532-107AC-1 AC-1000 demo life preserverNE
66601-101Single Chamber Life VestAR
66601-105Single chamber life vest with whistleAR
66601-113AC1000 single cell life preserverAR
66601-501Single Chamber Crew Life PreserverAR
66601-505AC1000 crew life preserverNE
680-0040-000Aircraft Crash AxeAR
69-43757-10Emergency megaphone bracketNE
69-64084-1Single strap emergency megaphone bracketAR
69B41606-1Emergency crash axe cover and holderAR
69B54708-3Bracket for PBE 119003-11AR
7-DD00B0BZD-60SSP-A3 point passenger restraintNE
7-DD00B0ZD-60A3 point passenger restraintNE
72184003BInventum galley hot water boilerAR
725087Universal precaution kit UPKNE
74-00Air Total 74-00 BCF Fire ExtinguisherNE
74-20Training BCF Halon ExtinguisherAR
7400CPR training manikin upper bodyNE
754Disposable CPR manikin wipes (drum of 200)NE
801307-00Aircraft Oxygen Bottle (115cft Capacity)AR
8013419Training hand operated water desalinatorAR
802300-14Scott Avox PBE - Crew Smoke HoodAR
802300-14HOOD, SMOKE (EEBD, 15MIN)SV
803150-01OEM Neck Seal Assembly for Training PBENE
803436-22Scott PBE stowage bracketAR
806478-02Bayonet fit oxygen mask and valiseAR
81000001Interphone Training System Line MultiplexerNE
81000002Interphone Training System DTMF Decoder ModuleNE
81000004Crew Attendant Safety Demo PouchNE
81000005Electronic Fire Simulation StarterNE
81000012Aircraft Cabin Passenger Seat Floor RailNE
81000021Aircraft Cabin Passenger Seat Floor RailBE
81000022BCF status indicator discs - 10 packNE
81000025Aircraft Cabin Seat Track Cover - 3mNE
81000027ACR EM1A style megaphone volume knob - 5 packNE
81000039Replacement strap for 9700 and 5500 oxygen bottlesNE
81000041Orange SOS Life Jacket Whistle (10 Pk)NE
81000048Yellow rubber voice transmitter bootAR
81000049Voice transmitter assemblyAR
81000051Rubber nose protectorAR
81000057Training PBE pressure relief valveAR
81000113Dummy sea water activated light - 10 packAR
81000123Double oxygen mask valiseNE
81000127Single oxygen mask valiseNE
81000229Replacement airway for Resusci AnneNE
820000102Portable fire light and sound effect unitNE
82000013Training PBE Smoke Hood Replacement Latex Neck SealNE
82000014Training PBE smoke hood replacement neck sealNE
82000016passenger safety briefing kitFN
82000018Aircraft Cabin PA Training AmplifierNE
82000020cabin fire retardant gash bagNE
8200002615 watt mobile amplifier for PA trainingNE
82000027hi vis cabin crew tabard (10 pack)NE
82000028Cotton drill boiler suit coverallNE
82000029Flame Retardent Crew Training Coverall (5 Pk)NE
82000033Metal Flight Attendant Wing Badge 10 PackNE
82000035Aircraft Training Slide Raft Survival KitNE
82000037Passenger Restraint Kit with cable tiesNE
82000038Infra red training BCF fire extinguisherAR
82000041Passenger Restraint Kit with solid hand cuffsNE
82000061Aircraft evacuation slide safety netNE
82000067EpiPen trainer penNE
82000072Water Fill Training BCFAR
82000081Airbus Style Cockpit Door Security System FDASNE
82000084Neck Seal for custom Drager style training PBENE
82000097Medium Secure Reusable Cash Bag (blue)NE
82000098Emergency Crow Bar (24 inch)NE
82000100Universal training PBE neck sealNE
82000101Replacement neck seal for Air Liquide style training PBENE
82000103Fill and pressurise kit for water fill training fire extinguishersNE
82000104Drager PBE box and mounting bracketAR
82000108Face Masks blue 3 ply surgical type 50 packNE
82000109Clear plastic face visor 10 packNE
82000110Clear vinyl disposable gloves MEDIUM box of 100NE
82000111Clear vinyl disposable gloves LARGE box of 100NE
82000115Twin Barrel Foot PumpNE
82000117Universal PBE training pouch - clearNE
82000118Universal PBE training pouchNE
82000121Air Liquide style training PBE smoke hoodNE
82000129Slide raft inflate deflate unit IDU 110VACNE
82000130Slide raft inflate deflate unit IDU 230VACNE
82000134Portable remote control fire simulatorNE
82000139Aircraft door INOP kitNE
82000141Numbered T2 security seals (box of 500)NE
82000142Medium Secure Reusable Cash Bag (red)NE
82000146Upper Arm Blood Pressure MonitorNE
82000150Quoit with throwing lineNE
82000151Survival raft drogue (sea anchor)NE
82000156Replacement sliding surface A320 single laneNE
82000158Training slide deceleration pad - smallNE
82000160PED Fire Containment KitNE
82000161B777 Deceleration Pad Set (2 part)NE
82000168Scott style training PBE smoke hoodNE
82000173A350 deceleration pad set (2 part)NE
82000187Replacement manual inflation handleNE
8200019112 inch claw barNE
82000197Plastic activation guard for Kannad training ELT - 2 packNE
82000198Plastic training model crash axeNE
82000201Earth Leakage RCD Protection Unit 13A to 16A 240VACNE
82000202Cutter for plastic restraintsNE
82000207Representative water fill extinguisher and bracketNE
82001133CPR Pocket Mask with gloves and wipeNE
82004033CPR Pocket Mask without O2 Inlet Blue Soft PouchNE
8201-004-0000Aircraft galley ovenAR
83001133CPR Pocket Mask with O2 InletNE
83004033CPR Pocket Mask with O2 Inlet and Blue Soft PouchNE
84000005Airbus A320 Cabin Passenger Seat Safety CardFN
84000009Passenger Seat Safety Lap BeltAR
84000016Budget emergency announcement megaphoneNE
84000022passenger safety briefing kit for training useAR
84000025Aircraft Fire Retardant GlovesAR
84000026Airline First Aid Kit for trainingAR
84000076Cabin Crew Demo Set - Customised LogoAR
84000127Dummy Training Flare 10 PackNE
84000129Hand Held Portable Fog GeneratorNE
84000131Atlas aircraft service cart clear plastic drawerNE
84000146Airbus Style Flight Deck Access Keypad FDASNE
84000165Air Liquide Smoke Hood PBE Box (EMPTY)AR
84000166Biohazard Clean Up PackNE
84000184Cabin Crew Luggage Tag Keyring 10PkNE
84000185Remove Before Flight Keychain 10PkNE
8400020928g CO2 cartridge for life vest - 100 pack NE
8400022533g CO2 cartridge for life vests - 100 packNE
8400022616g CO2 cartridge for life vests - 100 pkNE
84000309Airbus A320 Double Overhead Locker BinAR
84000322Stowage box for Air Liquide 15-40F-80 modelsAR
84000354Demo Passenger Extension Assembly (Black)AR
845141The BAG II Resuscitator Adult with maskNE
85000004Dot Studded Surface Flooring BlackNE
85000005Dot Studded Surface Flooring GreyNE
85000021Digital Media PlayerNE
861304HeartStart FRx AEDNE
861304-C02HeartStart FRx C02NE
861304ABUHeartstart AED FoxNE
89-01-07042Airbus A340 cabin interphone PA handsetAR
89-021-07122Airbus A320 Cabin Interphone PA HandsetAR
892480Aircraft Water Fire ExtinguisherAR
893-20330Portable Oxygen Cylinder AssemblyAR
896698898052 aircraft fire extinguisher bracketAR
896698-2Fire extinguisher bracketAR
898052Aircraft BCF Halon Fire ExtinguisherAR
90000003Fire Containment Waste BagFN
90000026Aircraft Door Inoperative Placard KitNE
90000126Oxygen mask pouch with tiesNE
90000146Atlas Freezer BlockNE
90000147Black Atlas Cool BagNE
90000182Stowage bag for four extension beltsNE
90000195Cabin storage valise for fifteen life vestsNE
90000197Cabin storage valise for fifteen extension beltsNE
90000264Extension seat belt valise with four extension beltsNE
90000303Stowage bag for pilot smoke gogglesNE
90000306Universal Precaution KitNE
90000308POCA oxygen mask stowage pouchNE
911011700Rosco 1700 fog machine for SEP and CEET fire trainingNE
93N6068ELT Emergency Location Transmitter Dummy ModelAR
94005033Laerdal AED Trainer 2NE
945055Programming kit for AEDNE
9556650Personal Distress Miniflare Mk8 DummyNE
9700-C1A-BF23AAVOX Portable Oxygen Bottle 9700 seriesAR
9781409423393Human Performance on the Flight Deck BookNE
9800-2D1A-BF23A9800 portable oxygen bottleAR
995000Manual Release Tool MRTAR
A12SAVoice Gun A12SA Red Crew MegaphoneAR
A2567026601600Megaphone Bracket with strap fixingAR
A2567084500600Fire Extinguisher BracketAR
A2567084500700Fire Extinguisher BracketAR
A312305A01RFDMk20 Passenger Life VestAR
A312305A02RFDCrew Life Jacket Mk20FN
A312306A01RFDRFD Passenger Life Jacket Mk20FN
A312306A02RFDRFD Crew Life Jacket Mk20FN
A316101A00RFDMk22 Infant Life VestNE
A316102A00RFDRFD Infant Life Jacket Mk22FN
A346600AInfants survival cot model mk 4AR
A346600A00Infant Survival Cot Mark 4NE
A352 C352Aircraft BCF Halon Fire ExtinguisherAR
A354Aircraft BCF Halon Fire Extinguisher - EmptyAR
A4414ABeaufort Mk20 - Demo life vest tie fasteningNE
A4414CBeaufort Mk20 - Demo life vest buckle fasteningNE
ABL8FEQ24100Cabin Systems Power Supply 24VDC 10ANE
AE21480-2Double strap oxygen bottle bracketAR
AE34500-6Single strap oxygen bottle bracketAR
AF-101-BAnti choking CPR trainer BLUENE
AF-101-RAnti choking CPR trainer with backslap REDNE
AF-999-FPFoam Plug Replacement PackNE
AFG0367463Life LineAR
AM621126Airway Manual Plastic Binder 2 InchAR
AM621135Airway Manual Leather Binder 1 InchAR
AT-AL-002Air Liquide Training Smoke HoodNE
AT-AL-SNP-002Latex neck seal for Air Liquide style training PBENE
AT-AL-SNP-003Replacement neck seal for Air Liquide style training PBENE
AV2014589Portable Oxygen Cylinder AssemblyAR
AV2014595Integra Portable Oxygen Cylinder AssemblyAR
AVBS9SYVPBattery Fire Containment BagNE
AVPY55970DUMDay and Night Mk8 Dummy Flare (10Pk)NE
B2007C036Storage box for 15-40F-80 PBENE
B2007C041Security latch for 15-40F-80 PBE stowage boxNE
B2007C041-01Security latch for 15-40F-80 PBE stowage boxNE
B221200BM611Boeing B737 Flight Deck DoorAR
B722538Fire extinguisher mounting bracketAR
BA21478-1Double strap fire extinguisher bracket for BA5 modelsAR
BA21741SR-5Portable Fire ExtinguisherNE
BA21741SRE-5Portable BCF Halon ExtinguisherNE
BA22594R-52.5Kg Portable BCF Fire ExtinguisherNE
BA24320A-1Automatic Lavatory Fire ExtinguisherNE
BA50102-3BA5 aircraft fire extinguisher bracketNE
BA51015E-5Aircraft BCF Halon Fire ExtinguisherNE
C352TSBCF Fire Extinguisher cw bracketNE
D252-77251-040-00EPassenger cabin oxygen gasper panelAR
D25277501Cabin overhead bin PSU infill panelAR
D25277502Cabin overhead bin PSU infill panelAR
D25277503Cabin overhead bin PSU infill panelAR
D256-70539-000-00Megaphone Bracket AssemblyAR
DD005001Ice drawer assembly for cabin service cartNE
DD064001Small ice drawer assembly for service cartAR
DLH294Atlas Air Larder Galley ContainerAR
DN01TYU3YS10055Airbus A320 Double Crew Jump SeatAR
DP3113Essex crewmember PBE smoke hoodAR
DV400001Vario 120 Atlas DrawerFN
E28055-00Box Mask Drager PBE CAS modelNE
E28095-02Drager OXYCREW PBE BracketAR
E28180Drager OxyCrew PBE Smoke HoodAR
E28180-10Drager style training PBENE
E28180-14Drager PBE Smoke Hood BOX ONLYAR
E28180-20-0006Drager PBE Smoke HoodNE
E28183Drager OXYCREW PBE bracketAR
E28301-00Drager Oxycrew PBE Box Seal - 10 pcNE
ELT (AF)Emergency Location Transmitter DM ELT 8.1AR
EM-1AACR 1A Cabin Emergency MegaphoneAR
EM-2BAACR 2BA Cabin Emergency MegaphoneAR
F1000540-00Aircraft Emergency Exit Sign LED UnitAR
F1101385-28Aircraft Emergency Exit Sign LensAR
FA00B3F3YS01054Airbus A320 rear galley seat with stowage lockerAR
FA00VYF3YS01054Airbus A320 rear galley cabin attendant seatAR
FKK7-35KLFire Retardant GlovesNE
FKK8-35KLAircraft Fire Retardant GlovesNE
FP-CON-LG-1Large battery explosion and fire containment bagNE
FS-005Lithium battery fire containment systemAR
G1R125-25Airbus PSU Oxygen Generator Compartment AR
H1-10 AIR 170837B4Aircraft BCF Halon Fire ExtinguisherAR
H10040Heartsine samaritan PAD 500P TrainerAR
H3-1301-3Water fire extinguisher upper bracketAR
H3-1395-1Water fire extinguisher lower bracketAR
H3-1402-3Lower bracket assemblyAR
H3-1426-6cabin oxygen bottle bracket with clipAR
H3-1524-1cabin oxygen bottle bracketAR
H3-1525-1Oxygen Bottle BracketAR
H3-1566-1Cabin oxygen bottle bracketAR
IFAK EMedAire Aircraft First Aid KitAR
IcarusAirbus A320 style single lane training slideNE
K34451120 Litre Oxygen BottleAR
KIT-LAAEDFR3Little Anne AED FR3 Training System NE
MC10-01-01EROS Flight Deck Mask AssemblyAR
MC10-04-110EROS Flight Deck Mask AssemblyAR
MC10-06-100EROS Flight Deck Mask AssemblyAR
MC10-08-209EROS Flight Deck Mask AssemblyOH
MC10-17-124EROS Oxygen Mask AssemblyAR
MF10-03-11Full face flight deck mask regulatorAR
MF10-05-11Flight Deck Full Face Mask RegulatorAR
MR-10046NYEssex style training PBE smoke hoodNE
MXP210-00EROS Smoke GogglesAR
MXP402Flight Crew Mask StowageAR
MXP801Flight Crew Mask StowageAR
MXP801-10Crew Oxygen Mask Stowage BoxOH
N40-1B40212-102Cabin Interphone PA Handset and BracketAR
P0028-17SOLAS emergency whistle EN394 - 10 packAR
P01074-101XF35 Double Cell Passenger Life VestAR
P01074-101CXF35 CREW Life PreserverFN
P01074-101DXF-35 Demo Life PreserverFN
P01074-101WXF35 PAX Life Preserver with WhistleFN
P01074-101WDXF-35 Demo Life Preserver with WhistleFN
P01074-109CCrew life preserverAR
P01074-201XF35 PAX life preserverNE
P01074-201WXF35 PAX life preserver with whistleNE
P01074-201WDXF35 demo life vest with whistleNE
P01074-207DXF-35 Safety Demo Life PreserverNE
P01202-101DUXF35 demo life vestNE
P01202-101WDUXF35 demo life preserver with whistleNE
P01202-201DDemo Life PreserverNE
P01202-201WUXF 35 Single Cell Passenger Life VestAR
P01202-201WCUXF35 Crew Life PreserverAR
P01202-201WDUXF35 demo life vest with whistleNE
P01202-205UXF35 Single Cell Passenger Life VestAR
P01202-205WCUXF35 Crew life preserverAR
P01202-303DUXF35 demo life vestNE
P01400-207WAIC-35 Universal Life PreserverNE
P0640-101Infant Life Preserver IN-V20L8AR
P0640-103Infant Life PreserverAR
P0640-201Infant Life PreserverNE
P0723-103Double Chamber Passenger Life VestAR
P0723-203WDouble Chamber Passenger Life PreserverAR
P0723-203WCCrew Life JacketAR
P0723-403Passenger Life JacketAR
P2-07-0001-101Flashlight system (Beige)NE
P2-07-0001-214Cabin DME Emergency Flashlight with HolderNE
P2-07-0003-001Aircraft Flashlight Assembly EF-1 BeigeFN
P2-07-0004-101Flashlight Bracket AssemblyNE
P2-07-0004-201EF-1 Flashlight Bracket AssemblyNE
P2-07-0013-002DME EF3 Flashlight and BracketNE
P2-07-0015-002Air Lite 1E Flashlight and bracketNE
P2-07-0015-003Emergency LED flashlight and bracketNE
P2-07-0019-102Bracket assembly for LED flash lightNE
P2-07-0021-002Air Lite flashlight battery packNE
P3APP003010AHafex fire extinguisher (empty model)NE
P3APP003010DHafex fire extinguisher (dummy model)NE
P3APP003020BBracket for Hafex fire extinguisherNE
P3PRT003090BHafex Fire Extinguisher Safety Pin - 10 packNE
P3PRT003091BHafex Fire Extinguisher Safety Seal - 10 packNE
P4-01-0021DME Emergency Flashlight BatteryLE
PHE23594-5water fill training BCF fire extinguisherNE
PHE23594R-1Aircraft WaterTraining Extinguisher (RED) EMPTYAR
PP-FM-500MCPR training manikin family packNE
RL27FYF3YS00054Airbus A320 swing out aisle cabin attendant seatAR
S-10002-1300Infant Life Vest ILV-20AR
S-10002-1300-999002ILV20 Infant Life VestNE
S-51250-6301AV35B double cell airline passenger vestAR
S-61850-7400Double Chamber Crew Life VestAR
S-61850-7400-999040AV-35H Crew Life PreserverFN
S-71850-6400AV200 single chamber life preserverAR
S-71850-6400DEM0-999004AV-200H Demo PAX Life VestNE
S1820511-02Mounting bracket for Kannad ELTAR
S1820511-03Carry off bag for Kannad 406 ASFN
S1823502Emergency Locator Transmitter ELT Kannad 406 AS Non Active Training ModelAR
S1823502-03 Emergency Locator Transmitter ELT Kannad 406AS Non Active Training ModelNE
S6-01-0005-306Aircraft First Aid Kit StandardNE
S6-01-0005-311Airline First Aid Kit NE
S6-01-0005-312Airline First Aid Kit JAR OPSFN
S6-01-0005-318 Aircraft First Aid Kit Crescent PrintNE
S6-01-0005-320Airline First Aid Kit EASAFN
S6-01-0006-001Airline First Aid Kit FAANE
S6-01-0026-001Universal Precaution KitNE
S6-01-0028-001Aircraft passenger PPE kit - 10 packNE
S6-02-0001-008Safety demo kit without contentsNE
S6-02-0004-001Oxygen Mask Stowage BagNE
S6-06-0143-001Universal Precaution Kit Reorder ModuleNE
TL060168Aircraft Cabin Service Cart (Single)AR
TLP40Toddler Life PreserverAR
WA25BYF3YS01054Airbus A320 forward attendant seatAR
WA93BYF3YS01054Airbus A320 forward crew jump seatAR
WA93BYU3YS01054A320 forward attendant jump seatAR
WKA36692120 Litre Portable Oxygen CylinderAR
WN03BYJ2YA51008Airbus A330 A340 crew seat with harnessAR
Z111H0023151CIDS Attendant Indicator PanelAR