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Cabin Crew Safety

Our Story

Like all good stories it all started way back when and a telephone call from one of the world's biggest airlines that would change, well, just about everything...

This particular airline wanted our help to deliver one of the most ambitious (and craziest!) projects that we'd ever been asked to get involved in. So how could we say no?

The project was to provide simulated realistic emergency scenario situations to train their air crew in emergency procedures (SEP) and it was the beginning of a journey that's since taken us all around the world.

That was over ten years ago and we're still delivering fantastic training equipment to aviation globally. Nowadays we've more staff and have had to move to bigger premises but we still work with that airline and now have many great customers (and friends) flying around the world.

We've also expanded our product range to include the supply of the certified and functional safety equipment that is required on board commercial aircraft. That's what we do every day and yes, we still have trouble saying 'no' too!

Now that you're here feel free to take a look around our online catalogue and service portfolio. We would love to keep in touch too, just leave us your email and we'll keep you up to date in the future.

Anyway, it is so nice to have you on board today and thanks again for stopping by.

Oh, and do remember to be nice to your crew, always watch the safety demo, check your nearest exits (they may be behind you), fasten your seatbelt and if you need any assistance please feel free to press the attendant call button (or alternatively send us a contact email).

Together we fly!

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Together we fly

We work with some brilliant customers

  •  Aegean Airlines
  •  Aer Lingus
  •  Air Astana
  •  Air Caledonie International
  •  Air Canada
  •  Air Malta
  •  Air Moldova
  •  Air New Zealand
  •  Air Nostrum
  •  Air Tahiti Nui
  •  Air Transat
  •  Air Vanuatu
  •  Airblue
  •  Airbus
  •  AirTanker Services
  •  Alaska Airlines
  •  ASL Airlines
  •  Aurigny Air Services
  •  BA CityFlyer
  •  Bahamas Air
  •  Bangkok Airways
  •  Blue Islands
  •  Bluebird Airways
  •  BookaJet
  •  British Airways
  •  BVI Airways
  •  CAE
  •  Calm Air International
  •  Cargo Logic Air
  •  Cathay Pacific Airways
  •  City Jet
  •  Comair
  •  Congo Airways
  •  Danish Air Transport
  •  Darwin Airlines
  •  Eastar Jet
  •  Eastern Airways
  •  easyJet
  •  Ellinair
  •  Emirates
  •  Etihad
  •  Europ Star
  •  Eurowings
  •  ExecuJet
  •  Fiji Airways
  •  Finnair
  •  FlairJet
  •  Fly Bagdhad
  •  Fly Jazz
  •  Flybe
  •  FlyDubai
  •  FlyGeorgia
  •  FlyNAS
  •  FlyViking
  •  GlobalJet
  •  Gulf Air
  •  Hahn Airlines
  •  Hangar 8
  •  Harrods Aviation
  •  Hong Kong Express
  •  Iberia Express
  •  IndiGo
  •  Jet2.com
  •  JetBlue
  •  KLM
  •  Korean Air
  •  LATAM Airlines
  •  Limitless Airways
  •  Loganair
  •  Lufthansa
  •  Maleth-Aero
  •  Mega Air Maldives
  •  Nesma Airlines
  •  NetJets
  •  Nok Airlines
  •  Novair
  •  Oryx Jet
  •  Oxford Aviation
  •  PenAir
  •  QANTASLink
  •  Red Wings
  •  Royal Brunei Airlines
  •  Rwandair
  •  SAS Scandinavian Airlines
  •  SATA Air Azores
  •  Solomon Airways
  •  South African Airways
  •  South East Asian Airlines
  •  Southern Air
  •  Southwest Airlines
  •  Stobart Air
  •  Sun Country Airlines
  •  SunExpress
  •  TAG Aviation
  •  TAP Portugal
  •  Thai AirAsia X
  •  Thai Eastar Jet
  •  Thai VietJet
  •  Tiger Airways
  •  Titan Airways
  •  Trans State Airlines
  •  TUI
  •  Turkish Airlines
  •  Uganda National Airlines
  •  United Airlines
  •  Virgin America
  •  Virgin Atlantic
  •  Virgin Australia
  •  Vista Jet
  •  Vueling
  •  Wizz Air
  •  XL Airways France

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