Servicing and repair of training slides and rafts

Air Crew Training Survival Raft
  • Replaceable training sliding surfaces (the surface that the crew in training travel down when evacuation training) wear over time and should be regularily inspected. They can become polished with use, which will increase the speed of the individual in training.

    Sliding surfaces are held in place with hook and loop fastenings, which are easily removable and easily replaced.

    If possible and we haven't replaced them before, we recommend sending us the worn original surface for measurement and pattern checking.

  • Training evacuation slides should feature deceleration pads to manage the speed of crew training during descent. Depending on the represented aircraft type this may be:

    Training evacuation slide deceleration pads

    Single deceleration pad

    Single lane evacuation slide, narrow body aircraft.

    Training evacuation slide deceleration pads Training evacuation slide deceleration pads

    Multiple deceleration pads

    Narrow body aircraft double lane evacuation slide, wide body aircraft escape slide and upper deck evacuation slide.

    Training evacuation slide deceleration pads

    Custom deceleration pads

    Replacement slide deceleration pads for 3rd party and legacy manufacturers.

  • Keeping your inflatable training equipment operational and serviceable.

    Repair of training slide and raft inflation chambers

    Inflation tubes & surfaces

    Repairs to punctures and tears in training slide rafts and slides.

    Repair of training slides and canopies

    Structure & canopy

    Replacement of structural surfaces and training raft canopies.

    Girt flap

    Repairs the the girt flap fitted to training rafts and slides.

  • We are able to provide replacement parts, upgrades and additional functionality for your training equipment.

    Training evacuation slide manual inflation handle

    Manual inflate handle

    Dummy items fitted to training equipment, manual inflate handles are oftern broken and become worn over time.

    Mooring lines & 'D' clips

    Slide & raft graphics

    Marine grade, UV resistant replacement graphics.

    Training aircraft survival raft

    Raft survival kit

    Canopies & masts

    Girt bar

    Evacuation slide and raft inflation deflation device

    Inflate/deflate devices

    Survival raft hauling line

    Quoit line
    (hauling line)

    Used to tow or manually move a survival raft.

    Drogue (sea anchor)

    Survival Emergency Location Transmitter

    Training ELT

    Model transmitters for all of the most popular ELT's in service.

    Escape slide safety net

    Safety nets

    Fitted under the training evacuation slide, safety nets allow a slides user to be safely managed in the unlikely event of rapid chamber failure.

    Evacuation slide personnel crash mats

    Crash mats

  • Original materials can be tested to check they still have structural integrity and are not weakening over time. This requires the original manufacturers sacrificial strips to be assessed.

    Sacrificial strip testing

    Sacrifical strip

    Radio freuency weld testing

    RF weld integrity

    Materials testing

    Material integrity

  • We have 4500m2 facility and a 10m high roof to accomodate the largest of evacuation slides. So Cabin Crew Safety not only has the space but also has a wide range of skills and equipment to supply, repair and design representative training equipment.

    commercial sewing service

    Sewing workshop

    Industrial grade single needle, twin needle and overlocker sewing.

    radio frequency welding

    RF welding

    High frequency joining of PVC materials.

    fabrication of prototypes and models

    Model making

    Fabrication of prototype and custom products and parts.

    3d printing service

    3D printing

    Small run, low volume production of plastic parts and volume production runs.

    3d scanning service

    3D scanning

    Modelling of exisiting parts for replacement of broken or damaged items.

    skeleton press cutting

    Die cutting

    High accuracy cutting of regular PVC based fabrics