Fire fighting

Hafex aircraft fire extinguisher

P3 | P3APP003010A

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P3APP003010A - P3 Hafex aircraft fire extinguisher
Hafex aircraft fire extinguisher.
Part P3APP003010A.

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Product Specification
OEM Part P3APP003010A
PCC SV (Serviceable)
Stock Ref 89000006
Stock Level
Weight 2.1 Kg (4.6 lbs)
Supplied with airworthiness certification
EASA Form 1.
HazMat Yes
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  • Description

    This item is time limited and may not be always available. There may be a new (NE) condition item, which is always available but will be more expensive then this serviceable (SV) offer.

    Sorry, there is currently no additional product information available about the Hafex aircraft fire extinguisher part reference P3APP003010A.

    End Use

    Airworthy item
    This Hafex aircraft fire extinguisher is flight operations equipment supplied with an EASA Form 1 authorised release certificate and airworthiness approval tag.

    Hazardous Goods

    This Hafex aircraft fire extinguisher (P3 part reference P3APP003010A) is classified as hazardous goods for shipping and may require specific hazardous materials packing and documentation for transit.

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    We're here to help with all of your equipment needs. Not only with this Hafex aircraft fire extinguisher but any other parts, equipment and reference training devices that you may require.

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