Aircraft First Aid Kit

DME Astronics | S6-01-0005-306

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S6-01-0005-306 - DME Astronics Aircraft First Aid Kit
Aircraft First Aid Kit.
Part S6-01-0005-306.

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OEM Part S6-01-0005-306
OEM DME Astronics
PCC NE (New)
Stock Ref 90000006
Stock Item
Weight 1.4 Kg (3.1 lbs)
Supplied with airworthiness certification
FAA 8130-3.
HazMat No
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  • Description

    Aircraft First Aid Kits are a requirement on board commercial airline and general aviation aircraft and this aircraft first aid kit complies with FAR part 121 Appendix A requirements.

    Each lightweight kit is constructed with flame retardant ABS material, double closure latches to assure sealing of the hinged cover and a stainless steel carrying handle.

    These first aid kits are supplied new and complete with OEM FAA 8130-3.

    Size & Weight

    10 " x 10" x 2.625" (LWH) - 254mm x 254mm x 66.68mm (LWH)

    Aircraft First Aid Kit - Contents

    2Bandage. 1" (25mm). Pkg of 161
    3Swab, antiseptic. Pkg of 102
    4Inhalant, ammonia. Pkg of 101
    5Bandage, triangle. 40" (1 metre) & 2 Safety pins5
    6Splint, wire, arm/leg2
    7Bandage scissors1
    8Bandage roller 4" (100mm)4
    9Adhesive tape. Pkg 2 roll. 1" x 10yds (25mm x 10 metres)4
    10Surgeon gloves. Medium-Large1
    11Bandage, compress. 4" (100mm)8
    End Use

    Airworthy item
    This Aircraft First Aid Kit is flight operations equipment supplied with an FAA 8130-3 authorised release certificate and airworthiness approval tag.

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