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Training air crew in firefighting is an essential element in the initial and recurrent training of commercial crew, which includes the donning and operation of PBE (Portable Breathing Equipment).

Aircraft Cabin smoke hood equipment lavel
Training smoke hoods for crew training

For training purposes there are solutions, depending on whether the training is being delivered in a classroom environment or simulated training in a CEET.

Classroom PBE models for desktop reference

A desktop reference model is designed to show to crew in training what is 'inside the box' in a classroom teaching environment. It allows training staff to open and remove the PBE from its enclosure and packing, which gives a cost effective solution for large groups or where familiarisation across multiple models is required.

Desktop reference models are re-worked original equipment and are not designed for wearing.

  • Desktop reference models are not fully representative in operation or weight
  • They are designed to be a sealed unit in operation and therefore breathing could be impaired
  • They are manufactured as a one use product, not designed for the rigours of constant removal and refitting.

Aircraft operators and training organisations are required to familiarise crew with the donning and operation of training smoke hoods and for this, a training smoke hood is required.

Common desktop reference PBE models

  • BE Aerospace Drager Oxycrew (For training of all models part E28180 onwards)
  • Essex Industries (For reference training of OEM parts starting MR-100 onwards)
  • Scott Avox (For reference of OEM part 802300-14)
  • Air Liquide (For reference of OEM parts starting 15-40F onwards)

Training PBE models

A training reference PBE model is generally a manufactured representation of the original equipment but designed for the rigours of repetitive use, donning and removal. It also has removable parts for replacement of damaged items or training PBE cleaning.

  • Training smoke hoods are more expensive than desktop models
  • The training PBE are fully representative in operation and weight
  • Training smoke hoods feature breathing holes for user comfort and safety
  • Training PBE are hard wearing for long and demanding use
  • The equipment can be disassembled for cleaning and repair

Common training PBE models

Representative training smoke hoods have replacement neck seals, which can be easily replaced when damaged in use.

Aircraft PBE stowage brackets

For stowage in the classroom or in a training simulator, the original aircraft brackets are available for convenience and for training in the removal of equipment from its stowed position on the aircraft.

Certification & Documentation

As training smoke hoods are representations of airworthy emergency equipment they are not supplied with any airworthiness certification.

First published by Cabin Crew Safety Ltd on July 10th 2020

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