Life vest stowage is in the bag

Easy stowage and management of spare life preservers within the cabin

Aircraft cabin stowage valise for fifteen spare life vests
Up to 15 spare life vests can be stored in the valise
(life vests not included)

Safely stowed and readily accessible emergency equipment within the aircraft cabin is an essential requirement in commercial aviation safety. As an improved stowage solution for commercial operators and the cabin crew operations within the cabin, Cabin Crew Safety has expanded its range of aircraft cabin equipment valises to in include a spare life preserver valise, which safely stores fifteen spare life vests in a sturdy and easily identifiable bag for storage in the aircraft overhead equipment locker.

Making spare life vest stowage easy

  • Manufactured from tough and durable PVC.
  • Bright yellow valise; easy to locate by the cabin crew when stowed in the cabins overhead equipment locker.
  • Screen printed with '15 x LIFE VESTS' on the side for easy identification.
  • Clear window allows easy inspection and counting of the life preservers by the cabin crew without the need to remove to count.
  • Sturdy zipper close.
  • External webbing handles at either end, which makes moving the life vest valise easy even when located at the back of the overhead locker.
  • Compliant with 28 - FAR/JAR/CS 25. 853 (a) Appendix F.
  • Supplied with Certificate of Conformity.
  • Valise only. Supplied without passenger life vests.

For more information please visit cabin stowage valise for fifteen spare life vests.

This spare life preserver valise is part of a range of products for safely stowing and operating equipment in commercial aircraft cabins. Other aircraft cabin stowage products from Cabin Crew Safety include:

First published by Cabin Crew Safety Ltd on August 20th 2019

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