Cabin fitting

Bracket for PBE 119003-11

Boeing | 69B54708-3

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69B54708-3 - Boeing Bracket for PBE 119003-11
Bracket for PBE 119003-11.
Part 69B54708-3.

Image representative of range.

Product Specification
OEM Part 69B54708-3
OEM Boeing
PCC AR (Aircraft Removed)
Stock Ref 84000267
Stock Item
Weight 0.2 Kg (0.4 lbs)
Certification Uncertified
HazMat No
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  • Description

    Sorry, there is currently no additional product information available about the Bracket for PBE 119003-11 part reference 69B54708-3.

    End Use
    Un-certified item (training end use).

    This bracket for pbe 119003-11 is supplied as un-certified representative training equipment.

    Looking for a Bracket for PBE 119003-11 for flight operations end use?

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    We're here to help with all of your equipment needs. Not only with this Bracket for PBE 119003-11 but any other parts, equipment and reference training devices that you may require.

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