Aircraft Training Slide Raft Survival Kit

Cabin Crew Safety | 82000035

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82000035 - Cabin Crew Safety Aircraft Training Slide Raft Survival Kit
Aircraft Training Slide Raft Survival Kit.
Part 82000035.

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OEM Part 82000035
OEM Cabin Crew Safety
PCC NE (New)
Stock Ref 82000035
Stock Item
Weight 3 Kg (6.6 lbs)
Certification Uncertified
HazMat No
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End Use

Un-certified item (training end use).
This aircraft training slide raft survival kit is supplied as un-certified representative training equipment.

Looking for a Aircraft Training Slide Raft Survival Kit for flight operations end use?

Additional Information

Training Slide/Slide Raft Survival Kit Contents

For reference training only this slide/slide raft survival kit is representative of the kits found in the slides and rafts of operational aircraft.

The survival kit contains 24 items for crew familiarisation with the typical items found in a flight operations kit.

The kit and it contents are designed to present training staff and crew with an overview and this item should only be used for classroom based desktop reference training and not for any emergency purpose, medical or otherwise.

1Knife, Hook c/w Cord1
2Sea Anchor1
3Heaving Ring & Line Assembly1
4Light, Locator1
5Collins Gem SAS Survival Guide1
6Pump, Hand1
8Bailer, Buoyant, Collapsible1
9Dummy flares, Day&Night2
10Mirror, Signal, USCG approved1
11Repair Clamp1
12Sea-Dye Marker1
13Knife, Floating, Retractable1
14Whistle, Plastic, Orange,SOLAS1
16Water purification tablet50
17Inhalant, Ammonia12
18Dressing, Burn, Bactigras4
19Bandage, Compressed Package12
20Bandage, Compressed Package2
21Towelette, Packet, Antiseptic20
22Splint, mesh wire, foldable3
23Bandages, Adhesive, Sterile2
24Laminated Contents List1

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