CPR Pocket Mask without O2 Inlet Blue Soft Pouch

Laerdal | 82004033

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82004033 - Laerdal CPR Pocket Mask without O2 Inlet Blue Soft Pouch
CPR Pocket Mask without O2 Inlet Blue Soft Pouch.
Part 82004033.

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Product Specification
OEM Part 82004033
OEM Laerdal
PCC NE (New)
Stock Ref (SKU) 82000004
Stock Item
Weight 0.1 Kg (0.3 lbs)
Certification Uncertified
HazMat No
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  • Description

    An aircraft cabin emergency requiring CPR can occur anytime, anyplace and to any-one.

    This Laerdal Pocket Mask model has no inlet for a cabin deployed oxygen cylinder and is supplied complete with a soft blue case and is ideally suited for use by the aircraft cabin crew or first responder. It offers superior protection for both rescuer and victim. The Laerdal Pocket Mask combines a low resistance one-way valve with a disposable hydrophobic filter to help prevent the passage of liquids and secretions.

    The distance to the patient allows the rescuer to check patient's mouth colour, secretions and chest movement. An optional oxygen inlet facilitates delivery of supplemental oxygen during ventilation of a non-breathing patient or for inhalation by a spontaneously breathing patient.


    • Superior protection through a one-way valve and filter.
    • Pre-inflated cuff for effective and good seal
    • Oxygen inlet version facilitates delivery of supplemental oxygen and includes head strap
    • Can be used on adult, child and infant
    • Replaceable, disposable one-way valve and filter
    • Versatile and attractive packaging options
    • Latex-free
    End Use
    Un-certified item (training end use).

    This cpr pocket mask without o2 inlet blue soft pouch is supplied as un-certified representative training equipment.

    Looking for a CPR Pocket Mask without O2 Inlet Blue Soft Pouch for flight operations end use?

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    We're here to help with all of your equipment needs. Not only with this CPR Pocket Mask without O2 Inlet Blue Soft Pouch but any other parts, equipment and reference training devices that you may require.

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