Training PBE cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning and Drying Instructions

Made from hard wearing materials and with replaceable component parts, most training smoke hoods (PBE) are manufactured representations of original aircraft smoke hoods designed for the frequent use and the wear and tear of regular air crew training.

Aircraft Cabin smoke hood equipment label
Training smoke hoods for crew training

Disinfection of training smoke hoods

The neck seal and facial contact area in the front of the hood should always be disinfected with alcohol between uses in order to ensure the health of the trainees.

Cleaning and Drying Training PBE's

As there are various models of training PBE on the market always check with your equipment supplier that the below applies to your training smoke hoods.

  • If any stains, oil, or grease are present treat the affected area with a concentrated solution of wash detergent to remove the stain. Thoroughly rinse with water before cleaning the entire unit.
  • All components can be cleaned by hand with a solution of mild soap and water and then rinsing thoroughly with water.
  • A very weak Sodium Hypochlorite (Bleach) and water solution can be used to clean and sanitise training smoke hoods where the final concentration of the solution is approximately 1% sodium Hypochlorite/water. If necessary, the main body of the hood can be washed in a standard washing machine on delicate cycle.
  • Allow components to air dry fully. The main body of the hood can be dried in a dryer on delicate cycle.

First published by Cabin Crew Safety Ltd on November 4th 2020

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