Life vest located under your seat

Increased stock levels of aviation safety inflatables

@DLM, London, June 1st 2020.
Stock levels of life preservers have been increased at Cabin Crew Safety ( following increased demand from aircraft EEL specifiers and aircraft operators for off of the shelf availability of emergency equipment.

Aircraft crew life preserver UXF-35 P01202-201WC model
Eastern Aero Marine (EAM) UXF-35 model crew life preservers P01202-201WC

Most conventional stockists operate a back-to-back order and manufacture service, which often leads to delays in replacement of time expired equipment or delays in aircraft delivery and turn around. This can be a combination of reluctance to invest in time limited items, including aviation safety inflatables.

However, Working with key suppliers stock of commonly requested passenger, crew and infant life preservers from leading manufacturers such as Air Cruisers, Eastern Aero Marine (EAM) and Switlik, Cabin Crew Safety aim to have key stocks ready to go and also hold stocks for returning customers looking for new inventory.

First published by Cabin Crew Safety Ltd on June 1st 2020

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