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New stocks of serviceable Hafex P3APP003010A extinguishers

@DLM, London, January 25th 2020. Cabin Crew Safety are pleased to announce the first stocks of certified P3APP003010A Hafex BCF replacement fire extinguishers into stock for immediate sale.

P3APP003010A fire extinguishers for sale
P3APP003010A Halon replacement fire extinguisher

Aircraft removed, tested and re-tagged in 2018/2019 to a serviceable (SE) condition this batch of P3APP003010A fire extinguishers offers the latest Halon free BCF fire extinguisher for aircraft operators and is fitted as standard on new Airbus aircraft platforms.

This stock will sell quickly and won't be replaced quickly as these P3APP003010A extinguishers just aren't in circulation outside of new (NE) condition units, which are considerably more expensive.

View the current stock of P3APP003010A_fire_extinguishers

For air crew training, Cabin Crew Safety are able to offer empty reference training models:

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First published by Cabin Crew Safety Ltd on January 27th 2020

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