Aircraft cabin waste is in the bag

An extended range of cabin gash bags for aircraft operators

London, October 30th 2019. Cabin Crew Safety has today announced that they have extended their very popular range of durable and hard wearing commercial aircraft cabin gash bags to include several new options for aircraft operators.

Aircraft cabin waste gash bag
Aircraft cabin waste gash bag

The standard model (part reference 82000020) from Cabin Crew Safety is offered in navy blue fabric and features a white draw string close cord now has several options, which include:

  • Hook and loop closing or draw string options
  • Different canvas colours to match the airline branding
  • PVC base for added durability and liquid resistance
  • Stitched text on the bag for operator name etc.

However the cabin waste gash bag can be further customised to operator needs, if and when required.

First published by Cabin Crew Safety Ltd on October 30th 2019

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