Flexible options for aircraft cabin service

A complete range of cabin service drawers

Offered in a range of heights, weights, colours and materials Atlas drawers offer a flexible solution to cabin service and service cart population. With various options available for the range of aluminium or polypropylene service drawers, each can be fully customised.

Cabin Service Drawers for flight operations and cabin trainingOptions for aircraft service drawers include:

  • Service drawers with embossed airline logo
  • Service drawers with replaceable placard label
  • Service drawers with powder coating
  • Service drawers in different moulding colours

Aluminium Drawers

Aluminium service drawers are supplied in Atlas and KSSU design and a variety of lightweight versions. The drawer is constructed of anodised aluminium with both inside and outside welded corners for maximum strength.

The sides are equipped with nylon slide strips for low friction and easy glide and drawers can be customised with an embossed logo, by placing a placard on the front face or by powder coating the drawers.

KSSU Drawers

KSSU service drawers provide four different aluminium models in a range of heights: 80, 110, 140 and 170 mm (approx. 3",4.25",5.5" and 6.75"). The upper edge has an anti-tilt provision, interfacing with the intermediate runner in the KSSU trolley's side panel

Vario polypropylene drawers

The same flexibility for Atlas definition is provided with the Vario range of cabin service drawers. Available in 30, 60, 90 and 120mm height (approx. 1.2",2.4",3.5" and 4.75"), these polypropylene cart drawers have runner guides at 30 mm intervals enabling the use of the runners in the service trolley. This makes it possible to mix and match drawer combinations, ranging from 7-120 drawers to 27 - 30 drawers, to address specific customer and cabin requirements.

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First published by Cabin Crew Safety Ltd | July 2016-07-05

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