Aircraft galleys for Sale

The aircraft galley is the hub of cabin crew service activity and training for operational use or emergency use is an essential part of any flight attendants training. The most recent addition to the stock at Cabin Crew Safety is a forward galley from a narrow body Boeing 737 aircraft. This joins other forward, rear and wide body galleys in stock and ready for a life in training.

 Airline Aircraft Galley for SaleThe aircraft galley is available for sale and can be palletised and shipped worldwide as an individual item or part of a cabin representation kit for assembly locally.

As well as equipment for training, Cabin Crew Safety offer many original aircraft cabin and galley parts for training organisations to assemble or upgrade their representative training simulations.

These include:

  • Aircraft passenger seating
  • Aircraft cabin sidewalls and fittings
  • Cabin overhead luggage bins
  • Cabin Crew emergency (SEP) equipment
  • Aircraft full and half galleys
  • Galley equipment (coffee makers, galley ovens, etc.)
  • Aircraft Lavatory Modules

And if its not on the list then it is probably available if you just send in an enquiry!

First published by Cabin Crew Safety Ltd on January 8th 2014

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