Flight crew compartment security upgrade for representative training devices

Early in 2013 Cabin Crew Safety was commissioned to design and manufacture a representative flight crew compartment door trainer to meet new operator training requirements. The completed flight deck door trainer was designed to offer both Airbus and Boeing systems in a single representative training device and the core control and access system is now being offered as a upgrade to existing CEET owners and operators.

Flight deck crew compartment security upgrade for representative training devicesEstablished CEET representative training devices can be simply upgraded to provide representative training of both routine and emergency access for events such as pilot incapacitation. Depending on the existing system an electro-mechanical lock, keypad and control box are required to perform the upgrade and all of these items can be purchased as part of a self install kit. Flight deck doors and armour frames are also available.

The control system can be customised to individual requirements but offers:

  • Representative Airbus flight deck access system
  • Representative Boeing flight deck access system
  • Representative Boeing and Airbus flight deck access system (where required)
  • Normal flight deck code access and simulation
  • Emergency flight deck code and simulation
  • Flight deck CCTV monitoring of the cabin side of the flight deck door (where required)

Supplied ready to install

The flight deck access control system module is manufactured and bench tested before shipping and is supplied in a rugged steel enclosure for local fitting into a convenient space within the CEET.

For customers installing the system themselves or with sub-contractors, the unit is supplied complete with mechanical and electrical installation information.

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First published by Cabin Crew Safety Ltd on August 2nd 2013