Easy low cost aircraft cabin kits to transform training classrooms

While aircraft type training and emergency evacuation training (CEET) mock ups are specialised and complex crew training solutions, other areas of flight attendant training can be made more realistic by simply recreating the interior or part interior of an aircraft cabin. All you need are the relevant aircraft cabin fittings and getting these just got much simpler and very cost effective thanks to our new range of aircraft training cabin kits.

Aircraft cabin parts for assembly in representative aricraft cabins in classrooms used for cabin crew trainingThese aircraft cabin kits can be used to transform almost any classroom into a cabin service trainer or a more realistic environment to train prospective and intern crews, with most popular aircraft cabin mock up training using narrow body aircraft parts from the Boeing B737 and Airbus A320.

At Cabin Crew Safety we buy in complete aircraft cabins and aircraft seating, which are then carefully sorted, packed and cleaned ready for sale into airline or academy crew training mock ups.

The most popular version of the kits allows for the representation of one side of the aircraft and the aisle and uses four rows of passenger triple seating (Allowing for 12 seated individuals in the aircraft cabin mock up). Cabin sidewalls, overhead lockers, passenger service units (PSU) complete with stowed passenger oxygen masks and even cabin PA speakers are all provided in the kits.

Once installed and in use most customers who install an aircraft training cabin in their classrooms can then build on the realism of the training rig over time by installing other products, such as crew jump seats, cabin PA systems, aircraft galleys, aircraft toilet/lav modules and cabin emergency SEP equipment.

For more specialised safety equipment and procedures training the otherwise static areas of the training mock up can be bought to life:

  • Aircraft toilet smoke alarm operation and reset
  • Aircraft toilet waste bin fire*
  • Aircraft toilet module closed 'hot door' training
  • Aircraft cabin decompression and passenger drop down mask activation
  • Overhead locker fire*
  • Aircraft galley equipment or aircraft galley fire*
  • Cabin passenger Flight Attendant call systems
  • Passenger cabin in window video and still images
  • Aircraft cabin sound effects

*Where an aircraft cabin training mock up is installed in a classroom then the use of representative fog for fire training needs careful planning both in its use and its quick and effective extraction after a training scenario has ended in order not to activate existing building fire systems.

For more information on how you can turn your cabin crew training classroom into a representative aircraft training cabin using one of our aircraft training cabin kits please contact us below.

First published by Cabin Crew Safety Ltd on July 5th 2013