Aircraft Flight Deck Access Training System CDSS

The CDSS (Cockpit Door Security System) training system allows the recreation of a commercial airliners flight deck access system for the training requirements of cabin crew. Fully customisable, with both standard and emergency entry modes the system features both Airbus and Boeing keypad access on a single training rig.

Aircraft Flight Deck Door Training System for Airbus and Boeing DoorsDesigned to meet and exceed new training requirements, the new CDSS flight deck door access simulator offers maximumn flexibility to either the owner or those integrating the system into their own training rigs. The system is already delivered and live with Virgin Atlantic.

The CDSS system is truly flexible for all types of customers as it can be purchased and integrated in two ways:

1) Purchased as a plug and play electronic system it can be deployed o upgrade an existing CST/CEET with aircraft realistic flight deck door access or to alternatively integrated into a third party system.

2) Purchased as a dedicated, stand alone training rig, which includes a ballistic door, flight deck CCTV system and solid state video scenario playback.

The flexible control system features industrial grade controls, which greatly extend the life of the system, reduce the running costs and utilise globally available parts that are readily available worldwide. This is a great improvement over bespoke systems which tie owners into high service costs and limited support vendors.

Flight Deck Access System Trainer: Features at a glance

  • Fully programmable access codes ; change codes for visitors or train with non-operational codes.
  • Touch screen control but easy to control so the training staff can interact with crew in training.
  • Low power with full LED lighting throughout the system and automatic power standby after 6 mins. Snooze after 10 mins dramatically reduces operating cost and wear on the mechanical system.
  • Choice of aircraft flight deck door.
  • Live CCTV feed to the flight deck or video playback using changeable still or video files
  • Dual keypad entry; Airbus or Boeing on the same system

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First published by Cabin Crew Safety Ltd | April 2013-04-28

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