Airline Service Trolleys for sale or rent

The airline in flight service cart is an iconic piece of aircraft cabin service equipment and can be used for both food service, drinks service and duty free sales while onboard. These rugged airline trolleys are an essential piece of equipment for cabin service training and often find uses outside of airline in flight service.

BE Aerospace Training Smoke HoodAt Cabin Crew Safety we carry extensive stocks of both single and double cabin service trolleys for supply into a wide range of industries.

These include but are not limited to:

  • Airline cabin crew cabin service training.
  • Cabin crew training academies and educational establishments training potential cabin crew.
  • Aircraft television props. for hire
  • Aircraft film props for hire
  • Aircraft equipment for themed restaurants and bars.
  • Aircraft equipment for catering companies.
  • Marketing props for exhibitions.

With in house graphic design capabilities Cabin Crew Safety are also able to offer customised digital print advertising for the side of any airline trolley; depicting a corporate logo, advertising message or hard wearing coloured surface to fit with a customers branding.

Generally, airline flight attendant service carts are supplied ex-service and without food service trays or drinks trays but with their dry ice shelves.

If required such items can generally be supplied on an outright sale basis or as a rental item for film and television companies looking for ready made airline props (the cabin in flight service trolleys are part of a range of aircraft cabin equipment available to rent).

For customers who already own their own cabin service carts, Cabin Crew Safety are able to service and add advertising to an existing cabin service trolley.

First published by Cabin Crew Safety Ltd on April 7th 2013